A Simple Guide to Video Marketing

For brands to stand out, they need to enforce a workable video marketing strategy. Video has become a very important means of communication and brands such as residential parking management are increasingly using video to have their information passed in front of potential customers. Video is now central to the business’s outreach and campaign efforts. It has ultimately dominated society, and those not creating videos are falling behind. For most videos, the simpler and raw it is, the more authentic the content seems.

Production of the video is also becoming inexpensive, as you can just shoot it with a simple phone, regardless of the quality.

Video marketing

Video marketing refers to the use of videos to promote and market your products or service. It helps in increasing engagement on your digital and social channels, educating consumers and customers as well as reaching your audience with a new medium.

Video is useful for more than just entertainment. Videos on landing pages have the power of increasing conversion rates by more than 80 percent. Videos have transformed the way businesses market to consumers.

Videos come in different types including;

Demo videos

Demo videos are created to showcase how your products work. It can be a video explaining to viewers how the software works, how a device works, etc. It can also be an unboxing video to explain to viewers how to use the product for the first time.

Brand Videos

Brand videos are typically created as part of a larger advertising campaign. These types of videos are used to showcase a company’s high-level vision, mission, product, and services. The main goal of product videos is to build awareness around your company and to attract a specific target audience.

Other types of videos include; event videos, expert interviews, educational or how-to videos, explainer videos, animated videos, case studies, and customer testimonials, among others.

To make the best videos for your business, there are a couple of key steps you need to follow.

Plan your video

Before you can set up anything, you need to start the conversation by identifying the purpose of your video. Every decision you make during the video creation process will point back to the purpose of your video as well as the actions you would like your audience to take after watching the video.

Script your video

Scripting is the next and second important stage in coming up with video content. Most business videos will need a script. If you skip this step, you will find yourself editing more than you need to, making the video release to be longer than expected. You will need to start writing your script the way you would begin a blog post. Do all the drafting and come up with all pieces together.

Shoot for the edit

Consider the device you will be used for filming purposes. The device should have enough storage. Assuming you are shooting with your iPhone, set it in Do Not Disturb mode to avoid distracting notifications while filming. Flip the phone horizontally to create the best possible viewing experience. Move closer to your subject to avoid using the zoom feature which would otherwise take away some clarity.

the last step would involve organizing your footage and editing your video

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