Month: May 2019

What constitutes to a Data Driven Business

dataMany companies including today are striving to become-data driven. But the key question is, what does that exactly mean? It is just more than installing the right applications and tools. Becoming data-driven has more to do with making data and analytics part of a business strategy in a company’s systems, culture as well as processes. It has more to do with creating a mindset whereby analytics form the basis of all facts that a business must deliberate upon.

Data has become a very important component and an asset that is revolutionizing the world, leading to faster, quicker and cheaper business processes. Data driven organizations are committed to gathering data that concerns all aspects of a business. It enables employees at every level to use data at the right time, to help them in decision making.


Unlocking the value of data

A data driven organization operates the opposite of a traditional enterprise. Data-driven organizations do not grow linearly but do so exponentially. Pay a keen look at the spectacular growth of companies such as Google and Amazon, as they are examples of companies that have built their entire business model around exploring the power of information. All these companies have a data-centric approach that helps them go beyond operational excellence.  They put data and information at the forefront and become part of their everyday business process.

Challenges to Becoming Data Driven

Privacy Regulations

The rise of data driven organizations has led to a lot of privacy concerns. These organizations have created a more transparent world that increases trust between the market and businesses. There is the risk of privacy invasion, monopolization and market manipulation. There are new rules that have been put in place to protect data driven companies from exploring the high number of data they have about potential customers.


Building data driven organizations has more to do with having the right skillset in a company of people who can be trusted with implementing data issues in a firm. Today, companies are struggling to meet the data skill requirements needed. Data analytics is more than number-crunching. It has to involve a fine art of data science. A company must be able to find data savvy people who understand what needs to be done, and have a profound technological knowledge on their palm.


Right Technology

It is also difficult to identify the right technology. This is mostly due to the overabundance on data solutions. Today, many companies are struggling to find a good fit that meets their specific case. It is not always easy to identify the right of best-fitting technology and implement them fully on top of the challenges data presents today.

For most companies, data and analytics is very important in driving operational excellence as well as fostering more enhanced customer relations. Today, innovative organizations are using new technologies and insights that help them rethink their whole strategy. Today, governments can offer better healthcare services to its citizens by harnessing and effectively using data.