Month: June 2018

The Most Safe Racing Cars in 2018


AdrianEven though drivers everywhere can face accidents- which is why offers towing services for drivers who may need their vehicles to be towed once they are involved in an accident- race car drivers are in even more danger. To ensure their safety, race car drivers have to possess an increased awareness of how they approach their personal safety in addition to ensuring the safety of their vehicles. The World Racing League have insisted that only the driver is responsible for their own safety and they even have this stated in their rules and procedures.

It is no secret that racing is an extremely dangerous sport. The racing cars are increasingly getting faster as the racing industry is creating a culture which is both competitive and aggressive. To entertain the viewers, drivers go as fast as 200mph and have to depend on the engineers, pit-crews, mechanics and the other team members for support.

Read on to find out the safest race cars in 2018.


The 2018 IndyCar

Even though the IndyCar 2018 is widely known for its sharp look and design, the latest design features some serious aerodynamic upgrades. In addition to its good look, it also features amazing safety upgrades. Among the safety upgrades, is the additional crush structure placed in the side impact areas and the extra 8-10 inches of structure that is crushable.

The rear wing flaps have also been designed in such a way that when the car moves backward and deploy, they can provide 500 pounds of drag and 400 pounds of downforce.


The Mercedes-AMG F1 W09 EQ Power+ 

MercedesThis is the fastest Mercedez vehicle I the history of Formula One. To ensure safety, the cockpit survival cell features an impact resistant design as well as penetration panels. It also has front impact structure and also features the driver’s protection structure made of titanium (halo).

Mercedez is a brand that can be said to be the pioneer of road safety. For it to ensure safety, it utilizes a comprehensive safety concept that guarantees extensive protection. Not only does it look after the safety of those inside the vehicle, but it also considers the safety of the other road users. In fact, many of the safety technology applied in most vehicles nowadays were originally developed by Mercedez.


The Ferrari SF71H

Ferrari is one of the brands known for manufacturing fast cars. Originally, Ferrari was intended to be the manufacturer of race cars. This explains why it only makes fast cars and no SUV so far.

This race car features an increased wheelbase for safety purposes. Its wheelbase has increased from 355omm to 3678mm. This increase allows better management of the surface of the car and its rear by the team.

The channels which run beside the walls of the gearbox feed the diffuser by accelerating airflow. Plus, it uses a sophisticated traction control systems so as to ensure safety.


Attention to internal traits and the natural disposition when it comes to risk management can make a huge difference in the wellness of the racers. This is the reason why the current drivers need to understand this and also pass this understanding to the future generation of racers.