How to Develop a High Emotional Intelligence

As humans, we have different personalities, different needs, and wants as well as different ways of showing our emotions. Navigating through all these issues take tact and cleverness, especially if we aspire to succeed in life. This is where emotional intelligence comes in. We need emotional intelligence to relate with workers, react to customers – as I always have to meet them at, engage in meaningful conversations with our partners, and have a well-balanced social life.

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to recognize your emotions and understand what they are telling you. Additionally, you recognize how your emotions affect other people around you. Emotional intelligence also involves your perception of others. Research has shown that people who have below-average I.Q can do well just like others by learning it. The only thing you need is the motivation and zeal to learn, as well as the intention to apply it in real life.

There are different stages of learning emotional intelligence. They include the following;


Insight is the first stage and learning starts when you are aware that there is something in you that needs to be changed or improved. Emotional intelligence had different components. There is self-awareness which is the knowledge of what we feel and why we feel so. There is self-regulation which is the ability to express our feelings in the right way. There is motivation which is the internal drive to change the way we feel and express. There is empathy which is the ability to relate to other’s emotions and see the world from their perspective and the final one is social skills which entail the power to communicate effectively and build strong connections.



The next step to improving emotional intelligence is assessment, which entails attempting to measure where we stand as far as emotional intelligence is concerned. This stage can be achieved by taking online tests. You may need to take a couple of assessments to better determine where and how you score as far as emotional intelligence is concerned.



After an assessment has happened, the third stage is training. Assessment will open us to a range of options to choose from when it comes to emotional intelligence. Depending on what we want to achieve, we can decide on what sort of training would best suit us. With emotional intelligence training, we stand a better chance to improve our communication skills, group performance, organization skills, and leadership skills.



After training, we come to the final step in emotional intelligence which is the application part. It is the final and most important stage in emotional intelligence as it involves incorporating the talk into real life. With exercises and self-help activities that are structured around emotional intelligence c courses, you can only get better about this form of intelligence. You will learn how to interact with people at a personal and professional level, understand and label your emotions, express what you feel in a way that is most likely not going to upset others, and understand how others feel and listen to them without judging.

What constitutes to a Data Driven Business

dataMany companies including today are striving to become-data driven. But the key question is, what does that exactly mean? It is just more than installing the right applications and tools. Becoming data-driven has more to do with making data and analytics part of a business strategy in a company’s systems, culture as well as processes. It has more to do with creating a mindset whereby analytics form the basis of all facts that a business must deliberate upon.

Data has become a very important component and an asset that is revolutionizing the world, leading to faster, quicker and cheaper business processes. Data driven organizations are committed to gathering data that concerns all aspects of a business. It enables employees at every level to use data at the right time, to help them in decision making.


Unlocking the value of data

A data driven organization operates the opposite of a traditional enterprise. Data-driven organizations do not grow linearly but do so exponentially. Pay a keen look at the spectacular growth of companies such as Google and Amazon, as they are examples of companies that have built their entire business model around exploring the power of information. All these companies have a data-centric approach that helps them go beyond operational excellence.  They put data and information at the forefront and become part of their everyday business process.

Challenges to Becoming Data Driven

Privacy Regulations

The rise of data driven organizations has led to a lot of privacy concerns. These organizations have created a more transparent world that increases trust between the market and businesses. There is the risk of privacy invasion, monopolization and market manipulation. There are new rules that have been put in place to protect data driven companies from exploring the high number of data they have about potential customers.


Building data driven organizations has more to do with having the right skillset in a company of people who can be trusted with implementing data issues in a firm. Today, companies are struggling to meet the data skill requirements needed. Data analytics is more than number-crunching. It has to involve a fine art of data science. A company must be able to find data savvy people who understand what needs to be done, and have a profound technological knowledge on their palm.


Right Technology

It is also difficult to identify the right technology. This is mostly due to the overabundance on data solutions. Today, many companies are struggling to find a good fit that meets their specific case. It is not always easy to identify the right of best-fitting technology and implement them fully on top of the challenges data presents today.

For most companies, data and analytics is very important in driving operational excellence as well as fostering more enhanced customer relations. Today, innovative organizations are using new technologies and insights that help them rethink their whole strategy. Today, governments can offer better healthcare services to its citizens by harnessing and effectively using data.






The Most Safe Racing Cars in 2018


AdrianEven though drivers everywhere can face accidents- which is why offers towing services for drivers who may need their vehicles to be towed once they are involved in an accident- race car drivers are in even more danger. To ensure their safety, race car drivers have to possess an increased awareness of how they approach their personal safety in addition to ensuring the safety of their vehicles. The World Racing League have insisted that only the driver is responsible for their own safety and they even have this stated in their rules and procedures.

It is no secret that racing is an extremely dangerous sport. The racing cars are increasingly getting faster as the racing industry is creating a culture which is both competitive and aggressive. To entertain the viewers, drivers go as fast as 200mph and have to depend on the engineers, pit-crews, mechanics and the other team members for support.

Read on to find out the safest race cars in 2018.


The 2018 IndyCar

Even though the IndyCar 2018 is widely known for its sharp look and design, the latest design features some serious aerodynamic upgrades. In addition to its good look, it also features amazing safety upgrades. Among the safety upgrades, is the additional crush structure placed in the side impact areas and the extra 8-10 inches of structure that is crushable.

The rear wing flaps have also been designed in such a way that when the car moves backward and deploy, they can provide 500 pounds of drag and 400 pounds of downforce.


The Mercedes-AMG F1 W09 EQ Power+ 

MercedesThis is the fastest Mercedez vehicle I the history of Formula One. To ensure safety, the cockpit survival cell features an impact resistant design as well as penetration panels. It also has front impact structure and also features the driver’s protection structure made of titanium (halo).

Mercedez is a brand that can be said to be the pioneer of road safety. For it to ensure safety, it utilizes a comprehensive safety concept that guarantees extensive protection. Not only does it look after the safety of those inside the vehicle, but it also considers the safety of the other road users. In fact, many of the safety technology applied in most vehicles nowadays were originally developed by Mercedez.


The Ferrari SF71H

Ferrari is one of the brands known for manufacturing fast cars. Originally, Ferrari was intended to be the manufacturer of race cars. This explains why it only makes fast cars and no SUV so far.

This race car features an increased wheelbase for safety purposes. Its wheelbase has increased from 355omm to 3678mm. This increase allows better management of the surface of the car and its rear by the team.

The channels which run beside the walls of the gearbox feed the diffuser by accelerating airflow. Plus, it uses a sophisticated traction control systems so as to ensure safety.


Attention to internal traits and the natural disposition when it comes to risk management can make a huge difference in the wellness of the racers. This is the reason why the current drivers need to understand this and also pass this understanding to the future generation of racers.



Cheapest Racing Cars You Can Buy Today 


posche 996When you hear the word cheap, you may assume the product has negative connotations. Most often, it makes you think of a car with plastic interiors, rental-car quality and even worse, crank windows. But cheap doesn’t always have to be so bad, does it? All these things might be existing out there, great deals exist if you are looking for a racing car. The following are some of the cheapest racing cars that are sure not to hurt your budget.

Well, racing can be an expensive affair, but you don’t need to sweat if you want to own a racing car as there are cheap options available for those who want to own a racing car without having to spend a fortune. Below are some of the cheapest racing cars that you can buy today.


The Chevrolet Corvette (C5)

For as low as $15,000, you can own this car. This is one of the best-performing cars in the Chevrolet brand. When it first came out, both Maserati and Ferrari were dominating the GT circuit. However, after joining the race, one of the cars from Chevrolet brand, the Corvette C5-R, managed to win and take the second place in the year 2001 and 2002 respectively.

The Corvette C5 can reach a speed of up to 175mph.


Infiniti G35 Coupe

This is one of the best-looking cars that Infiniti has ever made. With this affordable car, you can hit a speed of up to 155 mph especially if you drive it long enough. The manual version of this car goes for about 7,000 dollars.


Porsche 996

The Porsche 996 can go on for hours which makes reliable and it a good choice for racing. And for only 8500 dollars you get to own this car which is loved by most people. Despite the popular belief that luxury cars are not reliable, cars made by Porsche are very much reliable.

Mazda MX5

This racing car features simple upgrades on brakes, shocks, and tires that guarantee an affordable purchase. The price for this racing car starts from as low as 950 Euros. It is fun and pretty quick. Furthermore, this car does not require much power to start running. It has a speed of up to 130mph which means that in just 60 seconds. His car can reach a speed of 60mph.

So there you have it. If you want to get a racing car but you don’t want to go all the in your spending, then you can try any of the above cars.

3 Car Racing Safety Measures for Every Driver

Formula oneDo you know that the three-time Formula One world champion Sir Jackie Stewart witnessed more than 56 car racing deaths between 1963 and 1973?

When drivers die during racing, it is simply termed as fate while others blame incompetent driving. Shockingly, racing organizers believe that collisions and spectacular crashes are what keep spectators glued to their tracks. In their view, if racing became too safe and orderly, then the audience will decline, rendering it boring.

However, maintaining the car racing fun without losing drivers’ lives in the action is still possible. If drivers were to observe these three basic safety measures, car racing events can definitely record zero deaths.

Don’t ignore the road conditions

Wet surfaces are risky and a driver must keep his car balanced to avoid spinning on the slippery ground. Although there are racing lines that drivers must follow, abandoning the lines to find your grip is ‘sometimes’ preferred. Equipping the car with the appropriate tires to beat the road condition should also not be ignored. Most importantly, adhere to early breaking, be on the lookout for slick patches that could cause skids and be sure to maintain distance with your competitors. The aim here isn’t to finish first but to get there save and sound.

Combat the heat appropriately

Fast carsWith all the safety clothing and equipment worn by racing drivers, doubled up by the heat from the engine and transmission, there is great danger of being exposed to extreme temperatures. The heat leads to profuse sweating which in most cases causes a little weight loss. Sadly, this loss is mostly fluid loss from dehydration which can easily decrease blood flow and hence less oxygen reaching vital organs. The result is a fatigued driver who cannot fully focus in the cockpit of a race car. To combat these effects of heat, and to become more effective during the race, car racing drivers should exercise regularly and stay well hydrated before the competition.

Surviving the tire blowout

Tire blowouts are very common on race tracks. It is one of the most dreaded incidences by most drivers since a tire burst can rob them the chance of winning a title. However, if this happens, the driver should remain calm-as hard as it seems- and keeps the car moving slowly in a straight path. Attempting to get back on the track at speedy motions could cause the car spinning or even worse smashing into other vehicles. So, accept defeat and safe lives.

A good racing driver is aware, alert and focused. The above tips add up to make racing drivers better and safer. However, any driver should never forget the car driving basics- as obvious as they may appear; ensuring the tires are inflated, checking for enough fuel and most importantly the car should be licensed and insured.